Hi Robin,
I thought I would drop you a line to let you know that info you gave me the other day was so bang on that I went in and cut energy ties again and put all the mirrors up etc. This morning – within the timeframe I teach – the woman sent me an email asking to reconnect as best friends again. I was able to politely decline the offer.
Thank you for the giant gift you provided me in when you tapped into my energy about the coffee

— A.F.

I must toot somebody’s horn… since she doesn’t…
I had a session with our Robin Badler a bit ago… she read my palm and all its meandering lines… While I must admit I’m still a bit confused on how all that works, I was amazed at the accuracy of what she shared.
The BIGGEST take away? I’m one busy Angel Goddess who was ready to burn out, in the crash and burn style. I knew this in my heart, but kept plugging along.
Yep, I do one of the things I do best… ignored it. 🙂 However, her voice and sage advice kept niggling me … That is why there is now a public display announcement of what I’ve done or am doing for myself daily.
HIGHLY recommend her…

— C.A.

If your are ready… you will not regret this… Your only regret will be passing this opportunity by…. I was in Robin’s first Powerful Freakin’ Goddess Group … It was a pleasure working with Robin and watching my dreams unfold after 20+ years of being a single parent… Nothing is impossible – Learn, Let go and align….GO Robin 🙂

— DF

You are the one that pushes us, calls bullshit, celebrates our victories. None of us did this alone! That’s what you are there for! Love you woman! You rock!

— BM

I have always given you credit! Yes, I did the work but you help me understand many things about myself and the world. If I didn’t have the direction and guidance, I am not sure where I would be on my journey.

— KS

Awe, you are so awesome! Love your honesty and authenticity!! Keep rockin’ it! You are changing lives!!!

— LS

Your words, as always, are healing. Who among us can say that we have done it all by ourselves? I am so glad that you are part of my journey. Your words have been helpful so often, and your kind giving soul stands as an example of what’s possible. You are an inspiring influence! Thank you!

— RS

Robin is a really great person whom puts up with 0 BS….lol using her coaching metaphor though I’d never heard her say it about herself ‘she’s a powerful freaking goddess!’

— JP

I’ve been told for years I’m more powerful than I realize. I’ve been told to use my gifts. Well holy shit!!! I AM more powerful than I realized!!!
Thank you Robin for allowing me to discover this on my own but also guiding me in the right direction.

— MB

You have led me to a place of Clearing, Healing and Surrender that no one else has. It is difficult to Release & Clear away years and lifetimes upon lifetimes of attachments, debris, baggage and wounding. But this is where you meet me, and then this is where I can Heal from. . and move beyond.

— MB

You made me look at things that I didn’t always want to. Besides that, I feel that you completely understand where I am coming from. You give me different perspectives of looking at things and you help me understand that it’s ok if I am not ok all the time.

— KS

In addition to your intuitive guidance, you freely share your personal experience and your struggles. You have pushed me, sometimes hard, to step into my own truth and authenticity and have called bullshit when necessary. You have reminded me of the fact that we are human and in my humanness, I find my higher self. I could go on but the best thing was when you promised me you would stick your foot in my ass and push me when I got stuck.

— BM

Forcing me to be empowered. Lol. It’s all about self discovery and empowerment with you. You want people to be independent.

— EN

For me, it’s been many things…your intuitive guidance and connection to the other side, your compassionate and gentle support yet being firm and holding me accountable when shit needs to shift, your ability to see the situation from a higher dimension yet honor the humanness of the journey in keeping it real and honoring those parts of the self through the process.

— CM

I don’t mind sharing, publicly…as a friend, you have consistently shown me lovingkindness and support. In private sessions, you have Guided me ~ sometimes gently, sometimes not (ugh) ~ back to mySelf and to my own Power. You are a Connected and knowledgeable facilitator of learning who talks the talk but mostly importantly? I have learned a lot from watching you~ because you, Robin, are a healer/teacher/coach who walks the walk. _/\_

— EF

You listened, guided through questioning and always without judging. You made learning easy through your creativity and sincere love of whatever topic you chose.

— MB

You made me be more conscious of what i am saying , having more aspects in mind.

— DZ

Robin you believed in me more than I believed in myself, taught me how to take back my power, take credit for my successes, redefine failure, and love myself anyway. You taught me how to trust the universe, ask for what I want, and ask questions. You believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. You are a wonderful role model for what I wish I had the courage to do with my life.

— DA

on couple occasions you gave me empowering and eye=opening insights, out of my vision field, and delivered in a grounded and confidence-inducing way that made them acceptable, considerable to me = though I would normally have rejected them as ‘who am I to receive this????’

— SB

You have taught me many things. Between readings and classes and just conversations, you have taught me so very much. Your approach to teaching is so relaxed that it gives me permission ,so to speak, to relax while learning and growing. By relaxing ,I have been able to open up and just grow and learn in ways I wouldn’t have been able to any other way. You keep it real so I can keep it real and just be. This to me is the best way to continue to learn and grow on my journey. Thank you.

— LD

You gave me a reading 6 years ago right after Ed passed It was Wonderful you helped me to allow my light to shine Thank You.

— LH

You gave me the gift of accepting myself, finding my truth and my voice, and the strength to get rid of my breast cancer tumor that held in it all the things I never said!

— NS

You left me feeling better toward myself, made me feel as though I was worth it. I still appreciate the time you shared as your gift to me still means everything.

— KW