Reign Supreme

Three Months to exactly zero fucks given…

He hurt you. Horribly.

The income you KNOW you’re capable of, consistently runs the other way.

OMMMMMM is the farthest word from your heart or head and it should be the first.

You can FEEL there’s more to your life. Somewhere beyond that gray, dim horizon.

You also feel the walls you run into every time things start to shift for the best.

But nothing will change. Ever. No matter how much you wish for. It won’t change.

Until you do.

There’s no way to sugarcoat the truth. No matter how much we don’t want to hear it’s us, there’s no other way to put it.

But you can sit and wait for Mr. I-Hope-He’s-Finally-IT! Or you can draw the right one in like a freaking magnet.

And you can dread work every freaking day OR we can create a business that bleeds everything you long for.

The key to all of this?



Inside your head, you’ve heard the whispers that tell you, “This is just as good as it gets” or “Give up” or “Why do you even bother” or the worst demon of all “You’re just not freaking worth it”.

Those whispers are your demons.

And while you hear people say you need to make peace with them, that’s a bald-faced LIE.

You need to ANNIHILATE them.

With a double-edged, silver-crested phoenix-hilted BEAUTY of a blade.

And fast.

Welcome to the ONE three-month program specifically designed to reach into your heart, into your head, and into your SOUL to uncover what trips you up when you aren’t looking, so you can slay your emotional demons, evolve the POWERFUL FREAKING GODDESS you are AND Reign Supreme.

Why is THIS program different?

Because YOU are different. Because I am different.

Because this program is led by a certified metaphysical powerhouse (not kidding – there’s a list of all the certifications I have below, we’ll get to them in a sec).

It’s also three months of me listening, reading, and working with you to truly HEAL the places that continuously cause you headaches and heartaches, as opposed to teaching you the “BUCK UP, BUTTERCUP” method.

To truly SLAY emotional demons, we have to search for the places they live. And we have to find the paths out of those past wounds. And travel the roads back again.


I’m Robin Badler.

And my life’s purpose is nothing if not teaching women like you to REIGN SUPREME AND OWN YOUR POWERFUL FREAKING GODDESS.

Because you need to know you’re not alone, that I am aware of your hurt and your pain, that I have lived through my own pains to now live a life that makes me LOVE getting out of bed in the morning.

Is everyday a slide down the dragon’s back? No. But. I’m now equipped to manage them. With grace. With ease. With freaking BALLS.

Because you can’t live – TRULY, FULLY, COMPLETELY LIVE – if you are constantly wallowing in hurt.

Delivered total transformation for a single female executive. Healed long held mother stuff, father stuff, and helped her to turn around her life. She’s gone from living a life to living a life she loves. Instead of the insecure, jealous men who wanted her for what she could do for them, now she’s living her dream relationship with a man who treats her like a queen (soooo trite i hate that phrase but ok). As for her career, she traded cash and a soul sucking commute for budding entrepreneurship and stable local position.

— LT

Who is the Reign Supreme program for?

The woman who longs to be a part of a lifelong relationship with the partner of her dreams (you know, the one where he waits on her hand and foot and brings her breakfast in bed)

The meek woman who hears the lioness roar deep in her belly and knows she’s not supposed to be living the life others say she supposed to

The WILD women buried below the depths of all of us where we’ve been taught our wildness has to stay

The locked away and silenced masses of us who chose to live for our mothers and our fathers and our spouses and our “friends” instead of living for ourselves

The bravest of the brave because this journey to and through your emotional demons is one that cannot be taken lightly.

Robin you believed in me more than I believed in myself, taught me how to take back my power, take credit for my successes, redefine failure, and love myself anyway. You taught me how to trust the universe, ask for what I want, and ask questions. You believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. You are a wonderful role model for what I wish to do with my life.

— DA

What happens when a woman decides to REIGN SUPREME & OWN her POWERFUL FREAKING GODDESS?

We connect each week for an hour*** for three months via Skype or phone.

As the powerful freaking goddess talks, she releases the pain that she’d forgotten.

I read her, her energies and her blocks.

Slowly, she unleashes all that she was actually meant to become by living the plan that we formulate each week. And when she feels weak or the demons are rising up so she wants to give up, I’m in her inbox or Messenger, helping her fight back, making sure they cannot win.

Until they are gone.

***more or less an hour, I’m not kicking anyone out that’s on the verge of a breakthrough because the clock turned over or if we happen to hit it right in 45 mins, we’re good there, too.

If your are ready… you will not regret this… Your only regret will be passing this opportunity by…. I was in Robin’s first Powerful Freakin’ Goddess Group … It was a pleasure working with Robin and watching my dreams unfold after 20+ years of being a single parent… Nothing is impossible – Learn, Let go and align….GO Robin :)

— DF

At the end of our time together, she inevitably looks back and realizes that everything she was afraid of, she beat.
Every. Fucking. Time.

Side Effects of Slaying Your Emotional Demons:

  1. The income you actually deserve begins to flow in on its own (not really, but your behaviors command it, so you get it).
  2. The romance you secretly long for when you making puking noises at sappy commercials finds its way to you.
  3. The good habits you so badly need to cultivate stop conflicting with the bad ones because the bad ones fade into the background and disappear since you actually LOVE yourself enough to not care about the bad habits anymore.
  4. Basically, you fucking love yourself more than you ever believed you could making life a fucking gorgeous place to be again.
  5. You FINALLY see the beauty of YOU and not the bullshit other people tried to pin on you out of their own hate and aggression toward their own self-images.

People see you differently because you are different.

They want to be a part of your world because your charm is absofuckinglutely magnetic.

You see YOU because all the years and layers of hurt have finally been taken to their graves. Where they belong.

I met Robin several years ago through mutual friends. Since then, I have witnessed tremendous growth on her part as she leads by example. I had looked at other coaches and had taken part in some group and individual coaching in the past but this just clicked with me… right time, right place, right coach. I knew Robin would not let me just coast but would push my boundaries. It seems as if as soon as I set a goal, it was accomplished. In just weeks, I increased my vitality. I have been clearing the physical clutter in my environment and in turn, my energy and my emotional environment have been clearing. Issues I have worked on for years… as long as Robin has known me… have finally been finding some resolution. Even disappointments are turned into gold, knowing that something better is waiting. If you are serious about making changes in your life, Robin is the Powerful Freaking Goddess you need! Thanks, Robin!

— CO

Why Me?

Because I’ve lived this shit. Because I was the woman people hated. I was negative and nagging.  And the only thing I really loathed? Was me.

Yet, I vomited all my garbage all over everyone else.

My inability to control myself got me kicked me out of the family business. I finally ended my marriage and my kids chose to stay with their father.  (Don’t think that didn’t hurt like mofo.) And if that wasn’t enough, I was just done.

I saw no way out. I was at the lowest point I’d ever been.

But something pulled me out.

I listened to the whispers that said, “Jackass, you’re doing this wrong. Get on your feet!”

It took me a while. And it was the hardest shit I’ve ever done – looking at MYSELF and seeing that I was where I was because of what I had let myself become – that shit hurts. To the bone.

But I worked with mentors and friends and my own grit and I pulled myself out of it.

It was then I realized I couldn’t get enough of the metaphysics that I knew had saved my life. So I got Reiki Master Teacher certified. I took training and became an Advanced Thetahealing® Practitioner, as well as being certified in Manifesting and Abundance and Rainbow Children, a certified Angel Card Reader™, Angelic IET® Master Instructor, a channel for the angelic realm, an Access Bars® Practitioner, a certified dream interpreter, a hand analysis practitioner, a Medium, and a creator of the Reclamation of Power process.

So. Smarts? I got more than a few and I use it all to help you change your life.

Because you now have no choice but to REIGN SUPREME & OWN YOUR POWERFUL FREAKING GODDESS.

What you now know is possible makes it impossible for you to go back.

Investment: $3997, payments available.

I can not tell you just how much you have helped me over the years. These past few weeks have been astounding! You have given me tools to empower myself and let go of untrue beliefs. I have been through a very lot in my life. Major depression, hospitalization, ECT treatment and medication which got me out of the dark hole. I dealt with Dis-functional family issues during childhood that ingrained low self-esteem to my core. I never understood why I was afraid to do so much. I was very shy and uncomfortable around groups of people. I was afraid to speak up for myself. I was afraid to succeed. I always felt judged and put down by others, but you helped me to understand that I was more judgmental of myself than anyone. It is not what others think of you that counts, it is seeing the value and love in yourself that is the key.

You gave me the most awesome tool to reclaim my power and stand up for myself. Power to take back control of my life and cut the cords to people, places and things that made me feel that I was not good enough. I cut the ties to the belief that I would never finish projects. I can hear the words of the people that told me I wouldn’t or couldn’t finish something or another. I have now deleted those beliefs. I have finished one project without physically starting another. I’m a crafty person and my mind works faster than my hands. I just picked up another previously started project to finish. I am following through with things. I am changing unhealthy habits into better choices. Healthier fulfilling choices and activities are a part of my life now.

I am becoming more self confident with each hour. With every little bit of forward motion, I am letting go and growing stronger in mind, body and soul. I am reconnecting to divine by letting go of the fear and judgment. I have opened myself up to RECEIVE!!! I am open to all possibilities. I have no limits at this moment. I watched one of your videos about being open to prosperity last night and today I opened myself up to receive money for my services in a way I had not really thought about before. I was walking down the street and Boom out of nowhere came this open door. As I was digesting what just happened and how to go about following through. I look down and there on the ground in front of me is a dollar. I immediately took that as a sign from the angels that “I AM open and ready to receive an abundance of opportunities and $$$$ coming my way.” I am so ready to put myself out there! I have you the angels and the divine source supporting me in every way.

Thank you for helping me to love myself enough to reclaim my life. To see my value and to reach out and grab that brass ring. I can and will accept compliments without shying away, because I am good enough and more! You have a great talent to transform and empower others with your words and love for helping others. I am a work in progress, the key word is progress!!!!

With an abundance of gratitude and appreciation for your part in my transformation. You are a true Earth angel.

— B.A.

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What a friggin’ eye opener about conditioning and limiting beliefs. You are such a gifted facilitator, Robin – truly. ~EF




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