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Gotta question you need a quick answer to?  Need help making a decision? Is something weird going on and you need some insight?  Not sure if that you’re making the right choice for your business?  This is the reading for you.

Ask your question and get your answer within 24 hours.  This is not for questions like “will my boyfriend come back to me?”  This is the type of information that will save you time and money.

For example, a healer from Australia who didn’t know me at the time, was having an off the charts coffee craving and she didn’t know why.   She’d been off coffee for a couple of years and this craving was so intense and out of the blue, it took everything she had to keep from drinking it.  When I looked at the energy I could see that someone who was jealous of her was trying to get her hooks into her.  It never occurred to her that the craving wasn’t physical.  And this woman was working so hard to get to her that the situation required a very deep cord cutting (amongst other things) which she immediately implemented.  And the best part is, when the old “friend” did show up again, she wasn’t blindsided.  She was able to lovingly thank her and let her know she wasn’t interested in resurrecting the friendship.

This is also the reading to get if something keeps show up over and over again and you can’t figure out why.  Or if every time you make a dollar you end up needing to spend three.

Getting your reading is easy.  Make your purchase and then drop an email to:  with Psychic Help Desk in the subject.

I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.





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