$11.00 / month

Spiritual Perfectionist Anonymous
Hosted by:  Robin Badler, Emotional Demon Slayer

The place to be when you’re finally ready to be free from the bondage of perfectionism.

The thoughts come out of nowhere like little demons chipping away at your sense of self-worth…

They tell you you’re not good enough, you need to try harder, you can’t do anything right.  It doesn’t  matter how many raises you get, how many of your clients have breakthroughs, or how often your friends compliment you….they continue to sneak in and scroll across your mind.

When you found the world of spirituality, you thought you found a way to banish the judgments and escape the thoughts.

Instead, you found more rules.  And sometimes these rules were even harder and or more confusing.

“Don’t use the word NOT”
“Don’t think negative thoughts because if you do, something horrible will happen”
“In order to truly find inner peace, you must meditate at least 45 hours a day.”  Wait, how can you do that when there’s only 24 hours in the day? Do you get more time when you become more spiritual?

Here we throw all those rules out the window so you can discover what works for you. What tools will work best for your manifestation practice, how you can best connect with the Divine, and what you need to feel happy, fulfilled, and free.

Your monthly membership includes:

  • Weekly broadcasts of The Hilt: Energy Forecasts for an optimized life and business
  • 2 Flight of the Dragon Master Classes per month. We cover topics that will help you to learn how to manage your emotions instead of letting your emotions manage you
  • A community of amazing people cheering you on as you experience breakthrough after breakthrough and supporting you as you move through the shit that always seems to show up
  • Ongoing daily support
  • And most of all, a safe place where you can be yourself

Hop on your dragon and join now so you can begin slaying the emotional demon called perfection.

It’s only $11/month