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Slay Your Demons and Step Proudly into YOU

People who work with me walk away from lives that keep them from growing into the people they want to become. They walk into relationships that feed their souls. They own and run businesses that afford them the freedom to be who they want to be AND make money at it.

They FUCKING ROCK who they want to be.

Because they heard and heeded the call to slay the emotional demons that had previously told them, “NO!”

Below are the ways I work with clients. If you don’t see a program that feels like a good fit for you, book your Slayer Session and let’s see how we can customize a program that will.

Slay Your Money Demons

Cut the noose of credit card debt and living paycheck-to-paycheck to fully experience all that is utter financial freedom. The secrets aren’t locked in your paycheck or your situation. Together, we’ll walk through what the REAL problems are and we will annihilate them, one-by-one so you can FEEL what it’s like not to live with the stress of a sucky money situation.

  • Shatter your current financial ceiling so you can experience true financial freedom
  • Master seeing money as a tool, not a pain-inducer, so you have MORE of it
  • Completely change your relationship with money, allowing it to become a welcome a regular part of your life

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You and your BFF have been at each other’s throats long enough, but it’s not USUALLY like that. Or you and your spouse usually get along great, but these last days (weeks??) have been slowly killing you and your connection. Something’s up. You can FEEL it. You just can’t put your finger on it.

And it’s gone on long enough. Reading your energy will unearth what’s amiss between you and the people in your life, so you can repair it.

During our hour-long session, as you unload all the events that have put you on the outside of everything, I’ll dig into your energies and tell you what’s the real culprit so you know what steps to take to overcome it.

In addition to the initial reading, you’ll also get 7 days of unlimited email access and support to help you dominate whatever it is keeping you running in bad energy circles.

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Extract the Past

The bullshit that guy after guy hands you, is YOUR OWN. Let me explain. It feels like it’s their fault. They’re inattentive. They’re jealous. They’re fucking abusive.

And all you can think is “What did I do to deserve these losers?”

The fact is there is or there are PAST relationships that interrupt you and your success with your current relationships (and EVEN YOUR BUSINESS). The one that you loved SO much, got his spiritual claws into you, then left. Did he mean to ruin your life? I doubt it. But he needs to be removed.

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Write Your Dream Realm

30-days. Get ultra specific and uber clear so that what you write comes to life. No shit. I and my clients use this method and it’s a power tactic for:

  • Developing power habits that squeeze out the bad ones
  • Earning more money because. MONEY. Duh.
  • Attracting that ONE soul yours is looking for because love fucking ROCKS when you find it
  • To do/be/have ANYTHING you want because when you write it (the right way) it becomes the gospel your mind lives by

Content delivered via email for 30 days, teaching you how to get mega clear so your dreams fall into place.

PS? Not into journaling? This is not for you. It’s only for those ready to unleash everything their souls want, regardless of what they have to do to make it happen.

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Claim Your Path

What the Universe has laid out for you is not a secret. It’s written. And this reading lays out what it is so you no longer have to guess or wonder what you’re meant to do here on this Earth.

The longer you spin your wheels trying to figure out your niche, the less money you can make. Don’t get me started on what happens if you choose a niche that’s wrong for you. But it happens. I help you avoid settling into a niche that feels three sizes too small or worse, not making any decision at all and guaranteeing you never make a dime.

By decoding the plans that were laid in the palms of your hands and by bringing in the Angels, we’ll uncover what your true business path and plans are.

This reading clarifies why things have gone wrong by showing you what your path is, so you can clearly identify where you’ve strayed (read: avoid making the mistakes you’ve made) and head down the path that you should have been on all along.

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Powerful Freaking Goddess Intensive

The wounds and pain that continue to stand in your way don’t stand a chance when you and I get real with the Powerful Freaking Goddess you are. This is a three-month intensive that literally changes your life. But you won’t have to do it alone. I’ll be with you every step of the way. Until the last emotional demon has taken its last breath.

Working with me isn’t a picnic. I will hold your hand and kick your ass at the same time. I won’t allow you to succumb to any demon excuse that comes up. But I will celebrate every one of your wins…right to the end and beyond.

Women I work with say “Emotional Demon Slayer” isn’t quite enough for me. Because I’ve helped them get out of shitty relationships and into ones that hold them up and support them. I’ve helped them get new and more powerful jobs and so much more.

Click the button below and schedule your magical dragon ride today and let’s see if we’re a good fit to team up together and slay your emotional demons.

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This life is supposed to be one you love. Let’s make it so.

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Robin Badler
Emotional Demon Slayer
Powerful Freaking Goddess