About Robin


The Whispers

Those are the little things gnawing at you every time you’re headed in a direction directly opposite of your heart and soul.

They are the little things that keep you up at night wishing for so much more.

They are the things that keep you grumpy and pissed off at the fucking world on a daily basis.

They are the reasons that you want to cry at the stupidest commercials.

They ARE the reasons you know you need better for yourself.

Now. You know what the problem is.

What are you going to do about it?

Happy belongs to you. And it’s on its way.

You and I are going to make sure that you get your hands on it sooner rather than later.

I’m Robin Badler, Emotional Demon Slayer for women of power and presence who have heard the whispers long enough and are ready to shut them the fuck up.

I’m also the author of “The Little Book of Big Insights” and “The Little Book of Bigger Insights”, books aimed at giving you a glimpse at what the angels have to say to you.

I’m…well…a lot of things:
A life strategist
A Healer
A strategic intervention coach
Certified from Robbins-Madanes Training (yeah, that  Robbins)
A Certified Sacred Money Archetypes Coach®
The creator of the Angel & Gemstone Guidance Cards and The Lemurian Angel Spray Sacred Misters
The founder of Spiritual Perfectionists Anonymous
An Advanced Thetahealing® Practitioner
Certified in Manifesting and Abundance and Rainbow Children
A Reiki Master Teacher
A Certified Angel Card Reader™
An Angelic IET® Master Instructor
A channel for the angelic realm
An Access Bars® Practitioner
A certified dream interpreter
A hand analysis practitioner
A Medium
The creator of the Reclamation of Power process, designed to reconnect you with the power you’ve given away or hidden from yourself

And as a result of allllll the above, I’ve helped clients get/do/be/have:

Raises at work (some of the highest)
Some of the largest income months to date
Lucrative business opportunities
Returning of their own power
Returning of lost jobs
Published by a publishing house
Even an acting role in a Hollywood movie starring a big name star
And sometimes, the most important of all? Reuniting of family and friends after estrangement

I work with established professionals, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and even stay-at-home-moms.

And of all my crowning jewels, it’s being a proud mom of two awesome sons that makes me proudest. My Bohemian soulmate, David, and I live in NJ with our two adorable (and spoiled) rescue puppies, Angel and Roxie. So. That’s me. Nice to meet you!

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