Extract Your Demon


1:1 Extract Your Demon Session



If you need 1:1 support for:
Manifesting that big-ticket item
Healing a particular ailment that you can’t seem to heal
Releasing chords that are getting in the way of your everyday life

Then grab one of these spots asap before I go back into creation mode for our next fun…ohhhh…let me stop there. Before I go back into creation mode

No one even remotely effective does this work for less than $350 and most charge thousands.

But this is a super exclusive-very limited time offer.
Your Investment is $247

PS: You can get a session for your business too

Hear what others are saying about these sessions:

OMG Robin Badler I had no PMS for the first time in years this month 😮 Thank you for balancing my hormones, I’ll listen twice today😁 💖

I’ve been working with energy workers for a few years and fascinated by the positive outcomes, the changes in beliefs and behaviors.
Looking at significant events in my life, then my parents, my husband and his parents I could see similarities. I don’t believe in coincidences.
A friend suggested I contact Robin to see if there was actually something more sinister at play. Trusting this friend, I booked in straight away, messaging Robin with my puzzle.
She contacted me straight away, letting me know there was a curse on my father’s side, and a demon on my husband’s side with similar energy.
I so enjoyed working with her. In my clearing, we were able to include my husband and 4 children, ensuring negative entities, curses, etc were removed. In the energy clearing, she was also able to remove ancient negative energy on the land we live on, as well as building we have been unable to rent despite being renovated!! My husband has been suffering from depression which she was able to also work with.
The past 2 mornings, I have woken singing.
I’m really excited to watch our future unfold as I know we made a right turn when I worked with Robin!!

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